Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Press Release: Unique Web Site Connects Hispanics to Family in Mexico

Contact: Richard Villasana
Tel: (619) 379-7862
E-mail: rvillasana@FindingRelativesInMexico.com
Website: http://www.FindingRelativesInMexico.com

Unique Web Site Connects Hispanics to Family in Mexico

CHULA VISTA, CA (October 2007) – Where there once was despair and disappointment, there is now help and hope thanks to a unique new Web site specially created to reunite families and friends from north and south of the Border. The Web site, www.FindRelativesInMexico.com is the labor of love of nationally recognized Hispanic businessman Richard Villasana who developed the site because he saw that many Hispanic families had become separated from their families in Mexico. Hispanics were abandoned with no experienced organization able to locate their families in Mexico.

Many foster agencies and child services from around the country have contacted Villasana as well as attorneys for child custody cases when the case involves a parent living in Mexico. His company has helped over 3,000 clients find mothers, birth fathers and other relatives in Mexico.

Villasana is a professional speaker whose recent presentation on Mexico Family History helped kick off Hispanic Heritage Month in Austin, Texas and was a guest speaker at the Latino Film Festival earlier this year in San Diego.

With Hispanic Heritage Month already halfway through (September 16 - October 15), Villasana has seen an increase in web hits of over 300% from people in Mexico coming to his new site. The site is so popular with Hispanic speaking people that Villasana will be launching a Spanish version of the site soon.

One customer claimed, "I was speechless. I dialed one of the numbers you gave me and I was talking to my son's grandmother. I've been looking for his Mexican relatives for three to four years."

Villasana has also written a book titled, The Insider's Guide to Doing Business in Mexico, and several articles including his most recent in CRM Magazine about the U.S. Hispanic market. He has also lectured in the U.S. and Mexico on international marketing and is President of The Mexico Guru. The company provides training and seminars to businesses wanting to increase sales and profits to Mexico.

Villasana is available for interviews and can be reached at (619) 379-7862; or email: rvillasana@FindRelativesInMexico.com; Web site : http://www.FindRelativesInMexico.com

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