Friday, December 29, 2006

# 1 - To Find Family and Friend in Mexico, Know the Mexican states

People often ask for help with an address from Mexico. One of the biggest challenges is knowing what the names mean. Is one the name of a city or a state? Magdalena Jalisco Autlan is an example someone sent our company.

One of the easiest ways to handle this is to first identify which is the state name. There are thirty-one states in Mexico. Mexico City is the capital of the country. One of the best resources is at There you can check the list of state names.

Knowing the Mexican state is one piece of the puzzle as you put together the information you will need so you can find the person you are looking for in Mexico.

Check back often because we'll share more tips with you on how to find someone in Mexico.

Richard Villasana
The Mexico Guru
Leading expert and international authority on finding relatives living in Mexico

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PS. The answer to the example above is both Magdalena and Autlan are the names of cities in the state of Jalisco.