Friday, March 9, 2007

Want to find family in Mexico? Don't exclude potential relatives

A client had asked me to locate a few relatives for their Mexico genealogy search. The last name was Hernandez Garcia. After I send the client the results, they asked why I would include listings of people with the last names Hernandez Garcia. The client felt they had provided all the names of the immediate family members so there was no reason to identify anyone else with the same last names.

In his book, "Finding Your History Roots", Dr. George Ryskamp, a family genealogy expert, explains that one of the key principals to locating someone is to work on family groups. When looking for someone in Mexico or doing a Mexico genealogy search, you also want to identify those people who have the greatest probability of being a relative of the person you want to find. You have no way of knowing if such an individual who could be a second cousin or distant relative has the information you want unless you add them to your list and contact them.

Anyone who is in the same city and has the same last names is a probable relative. Excluding someone from your search simply because you feel you have the entire list assumes your list is complete. Most of us have heard the problem with assumptions. Even if the person is in a neighboring city, if they had the same last names, I would definitely include them in my search to find someone in Mexico.

When you are trying to find family in Mexico, be sure to include anyone who has the same last names as the person you want to find. This individual is a quality candidate and a potential relative and should definitely be part of your search. Don't overlook any possible leads. That could be the person holding the key to your Mexico genealogy search.


Richard Villasana
Richard Villasana

Richard Villasana
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