Thursday, February 22, 2007

Include the facts in your story

I often receive emails with stories of how someone met a friend in Mexico. The stories are excellent. Some stories are from visitors as far away as New Zealand telling of meeting a Mexican student and their adventures together as they crossed Mexico. Others are about how the person stayed with a family and the fabulous hospitality they enjoyed while in Mexico.

These stories are incredible and should be recorded so others will get a sense of what was happening in the person's life when they were in Mexico. These are especially useful when doing family genealogy research.

However, when you are trying to find someone in Mexico, the best approach is to stay with the facts. They may be dry and impersonal, but you want to give people facts they can work with. Knowing the person's complete name, city and state is the essential information you want to provide so you can get the best help possible. This includes free family genealogy web sites.

Knowing how you met someone or how funny they were makes for great reading, and I enjoy these stories because they are written with so much heart and feeling. And yet it's the most critical information that is often overlooked such as date of birth or the names of the parents.

So keep sending those stories and also remember to include the person's complete name, city and state. Do this and you may find your friend or relative faster than you might imagine.

Richard Villasana
Mexico Family History Expert

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