Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finding Someone In Mexico - What If They Are Female?

What if the person you are looking for is a female in Mexico? I want you to know up front that it will be more challenging. Most females are going to be living with their father, an uncle or another male relative until they are married. Because of this, women will rarely have accounts, such as utilities, placed in their name. Females are not going to be paying the electricity or water bill or buying property. If the female is married, this may increase the difficulty of finding the person even more. When women marry, they usually drop their maiden name (the second name). They will then retain their father’s last name but they will be addressed by the last name of their husband’s father. This is quite similar to how women change their names when they get married in the U.S.

If you do not know the city and state and do not know who she has married, then the chances of finding her are very slim but not impossible. You can still search for this person by locating her relatives. A point to keep in mind is that your success in finding someone depends on the information you have and where you will be using it.

Next week . . . Getting the correct spelling.

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estebansm86 said...

HEllo, sorry for bothering you , but im trying to re unite my mother with her child hood friend, well she didnt have much of a child hood since she was the daughter of a hardworking yet very poor farmer. All that my mom know is the feeling of knew calisis being forged from hard labor, so i would greatly apriciate if you can help me by giving me a web site , or information on were too look, all i have is a letter with name and adrees, i tried entering it on a few web sites but no luck, its important to me, that us reunite them since this is the only person ive herd my mother utter the word friend when reffuring to someone not a family member. here is my email ( )

Richard Villasana, The Mexico Guru said...

It sounds as if you have some good information. One of the keys to find family and friends in Mexico is to have the complete name of the person in Mexico. You also want to have the city and state where the person lives in Mexico. My recommendation is to have your information reviewed by an expert to see if the quality of the information is enough so you can do a search to find your mother's childhood friend. Go to for more details.