Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Want to find family or friends in Mexico for free? You must read this before you spend hours online.

Many people want to find family or a person in Mexico such as their birth father or friend. If you are like most, you have already spent time searching on the Internet. You probably went to Google and entered a phrase such as “how to find people in Mexico” or “Mexico genealogy”. That’s how you found this page, right?

Although the Internet is a fabulous tool for finding information, it’s easy to get misdirected away from your goal of finding someone in Mexico and instead spend weeks going to sites that promise to help and really don’t.

There are many sites online that advertise, “If you just follow this link, you will be able to easily find a person living in Mexico for FREE!”

Here’s the truth: If you have the right information and if the person has a presence online, you could possibly find them using the Internet. But here’s the rest of the truth: Almost 96% of people living in Mexico are not on the Internet, so even if you have the right information, the Internet won’t help you find them. Even worse, most sites that tell you how to find a relative or friend in Mexico for free give bad advice and in one article we’ve identified, they recommend you do something that is illegal in Mexico.

I’m going to focus on one site in particular that is the perfect example of a site that promises a lot and doesn’t deliver. An article entitled “Find People in Mexico for Free” says the following:

     “Those that might want to look through the telephone directory can go to www.numberway.com. It is about the only place that has as many online white pages from different countries as it does. If you want to find people in Mexico for free then you can use the country's white pages to search for them.”

One of our experts went to www.numberway.com, which advertises that they are “the easy way to find phone numbers all around the world.” It sounded promising. Then we clicked on the Mexico link and got the following message:

     “The white pages from Telmex can only be used by their own customers, so are not listed here.”

This is why you need to be careful before you trust information from these sites. They are at times ineffectual or, even worse, intentionally misleading you because they’re presenting a marketing scheme that plays on your emotions, suckers you in and wastes your time. Even worse, they will encourage you to spend money on their services, which -- based upon their accuracy rate so far -- is highly suspect. Realize that time is of the essence in finding someone in Mexico. Relatives and friends may move off-grid at any time, meaning time wasted in chasing false leads have the potential to prevent you from ever finding that person.

There’s no magic web site or secret way hiding out there for you to find people in Mexico on your own. But there are legitimate services that use sophisticated searching systems and private databases that allow you to track down your relatives in Mexico.

Here’s the way to determine whether you need help in finding your lost loved one in Mexico: If you try the Internet for more than a week and haven’t found the person you want to find, then it’s time to find a company that has the specialized knowledge and experience to successfully find your birth father, mother, loved one or friend.

Check back often because we at Find Relatives In Mexico don’t want amateurs misleading you into thinking that there is a five minute solution to finding someone in Mexico. The truth is that there is more to finding family and friend in Mexico than just going to Google, entering their name and clicking a button. We’ll share more with you on how to really make it happen.

Richard Villasana
The Mexico Guru
Leading expert and international authority on finding relatives living in Mexico

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