Saturday, January 6, 2007

Knowing the Mexican states #3

Let me address another common misunderstanding about the names of Mexican states. Mexico is the name of the country. I may hear a "duh" but stay with me for a moment. One of the thirty-one states is also named Mexico. So how can you know the difference?

Most Mexican documents and addresses will use the form Edo. de Mexico meaning State of Mexico when referring to the state itself. You may also see the complete name, Estado de Mexico, and the less common state abbreviation, Edomex. If you were trying to find someone living in the city of Acambay in the State of Mexico, the proper form could be any of the following:

Acambay, Estado de Mexico
Acambay, Edo. de Mexico
Acambay, Edomex

I wish I could tell you this is the final word about Mexico and the State of Mexico, but it's not. Some Mexican publications such as Guia Roji's Mexican atlas and Mexico telephone books refer to Edo. de Mexico as simply Mexico.

Good luck in your search.

Richard Villasana
Mexico Family History Expert

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